All your questions answered

This page is intended to answer important and common questions about the services we offer. Please get in touch if there is something not covered within our FAQs that you would like to know, or to see our full booking T&Cs, please click below.


Who else will be on the tour?

A wide variety of people embark on our day trips, and the demographics of those likely to be on your tour depends largely on the tour you have booked and the time of the year. We get young and old, individuals and groups and all nationalities, everyone is welcome! Tours are limited to a maximum of 16 people.

Can we leave belongings on the vehicle?

Usually you will be picked up by the same driver that dropped you off, so feel free to leave your belongings on board but please do confirm this with your driver before the journey. The decision is totally to your driver’s discretion. We take no responsibility for anything you do leave, and strongly advise against leaving valuables.

How long do tours last?

The approximate duration of tours is listed in it’s description, however this is for guidance only. A variety of factors can effect how long a tour lasts including traffic conditions, group size, how busy the destination is, etc. Please allow plenty of time as we can’t be responsible for missed appointments/flights due to delays.

Can we drink alcohol on your vehicles?

For private hire trips and 18+ trips we are happy for you to drink on board, and we even have Bluetooth if you want to connect your own music. For family friendly trips or trips to sporting events we ask that you do not consume alcohol on board.

Where does the tour start?

The meeting point for each tour is detailed in it’s description and we will confirm your pickup point by email. Most tours depart from a convenient central point which is easy to get to. Hotel/Venue pickups may be available from selected places.

Do you have wheelchair access?

Currently our tour buses don’t have wheelchair facilities, although this is something we are hoping to add in the future. For private hire trips we may be able to arrange for a wheelchair accessible vehicles upon request, but we cannot guarantee this.

Any other questions, just give us a call